TextCite is a program for organizing and commenting textual citations from texts (books, articles, or other published works) for use in producing scientific or academic publications. You can organize by publication, author, category, or outline. It works with bibliographic management programs like Citation, EndNote, RefWorks, and BibTeX, providing important text/citation management capabilities that these programs lack, while still allowing for rapid footnote and bibliography generation by means of your favorite bibliography manager. It also exports to PDF and Word (RTF).


RELEASE 1.4: A new release of TextCite is out. This is primarily a bug fix release, resolving issues noted by users. The bug fixes include:

• The splash screen no longer impedes loading of the application on Java 1.6.
• Better adaptation to larger system font sizes. You can now make the font size larger for all elements in TextCite without distorting table or tree displays.
• No longer hangs on exporting to PDF / RTF.
• Ctrl-N no longer erases your citebook, but creates a new citation instead.
• Tested to run properly on Macintosh, Windows and Linux, under JavaSE 1.6

RELEASE 1.2: A new release of TextCite is out. The new features and bug fixes since the 1.1 release are:

• French language support - thanks to Daniel Durand for the translation
• Ability to change main interface font, in addition to setting the citation display font.
• Added feature for sorting correctly on Page Reference column
• Fixes to HelpViewer language settings
• Additions to allow batch add/removal of categories from Citations, as well as moving Citations between categories.
• Added Preference Pane to change how citations are shown for subcategories
• Fix to problem with "CiteBook corruption" when citebooks are saved to directories that are too deep.
• Improvements to Table View, allowing for alternating colors or grid-style, in addition to standard "no-decorations" style.
• Additions for allowing use of HTML text styling in Citation text and translation, as well as exporting of these styles to PDF and HTML.